Our Nursery


We are extremely lucky to be in a semi-rural position, yet are conveniently located 5 minutes from Tunbridge Wells town centre and train station.

We have over 3000 square feet and an exclusive outdoor play area. Plus there is plenty of parking for a stress free, and safe, drop off and pick up!

The nursery and Pre-school is very open plan but with dedicated areas depending on your child’s age and ability. We believe children should be able to move freely and interact with not only those the same age but also those older and younger than them.

As the nursery is all on ground level all children have access to our garden and children in all rooms get to use the garden every day, come rain come shine.

The indoor learning environment 

We are fortunate enough to have 4 large rooms across the building for the babies and young children. These are split into 3 rooms/age ranges;

ACORNS – “Baby Room”

Age range; 0-18 Months approximately.

Our Baby Room room is specifically designed and dedicated to meet the requirements of this age group. This bright airy space provides plenty of room for our babies and to enjoy a diverse range of activities while still providing all important cosy areas. The environment is stimulating and allows our non mobile babies to play safely in their own area whilst being able to watch their older peers.

This area benefits from it’s own toilet, nappy change and kitchen in which to make bottles and prepare snack, as well as a separate sleep room which is cosy, calm and safe to aid restful sleep for our babies.

Routines from home are followed so that babies well-being and needs are catered for, with minimal disruption as they settle in. staff spend a great deal of time working closely with parents, so they know each and every child and can fully support them in this vital stage of early development.

baby room april162new corner baby room     baby room cosy corner

SAPLINGS- “Toddler Room”

Age range 16-30 months approximately.

saplings panosaplings pano2

This room is the next stage up for the babies once they are confidently walking and moving around, beginning to communicate, and starting to really enjoy those peer-on-peer interactions.

This room benefits from even more open plan floor space, with various exciting areas for the Toddlers to explore, including a bigger Nursery Gym, cosy book corner, investigation area, construction, music, creative, sand and water and so much more.

This room can also access the sleep room, but we often find children of this age and stage prefer to sleep on our low sleep beds. This room also has its own kitchen for fresh drinking water that is freely accessible for all the children throughout the day and snack preparation. It has a toilet and nappy change area to ensure children at any stage of either potty or toilet training have access to the facilities they might need.

saplings aril 16

CHESTNUTS- “Preschool”

snug pano

Age range 28-48 months approximately.

Whether children join Forest Park at Preschool age, or move into this room from Saplings when they are ready, they are certain to enjoy all the space, activities, equipment and stimulation that our Preschool offers.

There are areas for art & craft, science and investigation, construction, role play, messy play, mark making, sand and water, reading and space for group activities such as registration and circle time.

Our Preschool benefits from having 2 large play spaces, from which the children can access the child size toilets and sinks to encourage good, independent personal hygiene. Children do not need to be toilet trained to join our Preschool, as we have a nappy change area also, and work closely with our Parents and Carers when it comes time to start toilet training.

A fully equipped kitchen that is accessible from the 1st room allows for nutritious lunches, snacks and tea to be served daily, along with baking sessions for the children.

The outdoor learning environment, Our Garden:

garden pano
We are extremely lucky to have lots of outside space which allows us to bring much of our play and learning outside in the fresh air.

We have different surfaces suitable for all kinds of fun and games for all ages. Children can enjoy activities such as ride-ons, bug hunting, parachute games, water & sand play, growing their own vegetables and mud pie making in their very own mud kitchen.

The garden is secure and children can access freely direct from their rooms. Weather permitting we encourage them to get as much fresh air as possible and often have a picnic tea.

garden sand pit garden2  garden

garden4  garden5 garden10


mud kitchen  wendy house  garden7